While winter around other parts of the United States can be pretty brutal, Texans are fortunate enough to enjoy a relatively temperate season. How can you enjoy winter in Austin?  Simple: head out to experience Austin’s best – both inside and outside:

Local Activities

Looking for something to do that doesn’t involve leaving the house? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a look at some activities to enjoy from the comfort of your own home:

  • Revamp your home’s design. Don’t forget to consider the trends of 2019
  • Make a fort or set up the tent in the living room and camp inside with the kiddos. Don’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores
  • Declutter the house – a tidy house can reduce anxiety!
  • Clean out your drawers, closets, attic, garage and more
  • Start planning your family summer vacation
  • Cozy up and read a novel
  • Help your kids with their homework – if needed, of course!
  • Install a smart thermostat – you’ll save money on your electric bill
  • Complete some regular home maintenance projects: insulate the attic, refurbish the doors, replace the filter, seal openings and air leaks and more
  • Cook a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try

Stay warm and enjoy these activities!

Do you have any questions about the Austin area? We love it here and would be happy to share our knowledge with you! Contact us today.