Cooling temperatures don't necessarily translate to a cooling housing market. In fact, homeowners looking to sell their home will be happy to hear the Austin-area market is still prime for sellers. However, the clock is ticking for those hoping to close by year’s end. Add in the holidays and the upcoming winter weather and that timeline gets cut in half. To increase your chances of selling your home this fall, consider these tips: 



Price competitively

The fall real estate season is far shorter than that of the spring and summer. That coupled with fewer buyers perusing the market can make it difficult to get your home sold. However, by pricing competitively you should be able to attract the limited buyer pool to your property. 


Focus on landscaping

Unlike spring, fall is a difficult time to keep your front yard looking great thanks to all the falling leaves. However, curb appeal is essential. With that in mind, keep the lawn raked and mowed and add some seasonal fall accents and flowers - mums and pumpkins should do the trick!


Be flexible and ready to move

Buyers out-and-about this time of year typically want to be in their new home in time for the holidays. As the seller, you should be flexible and ready to move in short notice. It could be the difference between the sale going through or not. 


Offer incentives

An incentive may help your home sell even faster. Consider helping the buyers pay for a certain amount of the lender-approved expenses or ask your REALTOR® what they recommend. Adding an incentive could make your home more appealing than others on the market.

Are you considering selling this fall? We are here to help you sell your home and move on to the next chapter in your life! Give our team a call.