One of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners make is in remodeling choices. Why do I care? Because when they call me to sell their home, if they've made remodeling mistakes, it usually will cost them money when they sell their home. There are different types of mistakes you can make when remodeling. One mistake is what I refer to as a "functional" mistake. For example, adding a media room or game area is a great idea. But you don't want to have to go through a bedroom to get there! Or adding a bathroom to a bedroom is a great idea...but not just a sink! You need a full bathroom to be functional. Another type of remodeling mistake is over improving for the particular area. You should be aware of what your particular neighborhood or area will support in terms of price and improvements, this is especially true if you are adding on or planning on making an investment of several thousand dollars. Make sure you can get that money out of your home when you sell it! Finally, personal preference on colors and styles is a mistake I often see. Teal hard tile is not going to appeal to the majority of people and can be very expensive to replace. I always advise my clients to use neutral choices with expensive materials such as flooring, counter tops and back splash. If you like color, add it with decor items or paint a small accent wall. How can you have confidence that your choices are not going to be a problem when it comes time to sell? Get the advice of a Realtor! If you live in the Austin, TX Metro area, I'm happy to give you my professional opinion on any remodeling ideas you have. Just send me an email to