5 Tips For Downsizing This Summer

Deciding to sell your home can be a stressful choice, but the process of how to downsize can be easier than you think if you get organized. The overwhelming feeling of what will make the move to the new home or condo in Austin, TX and what will be eliminated can be calmed with a few steps. Start by taking inventory of everything you’ve accumulated over the years and end with a smaller, more organized space where you can begin a new chapter in your life.5 Tips For Downsizing This Summer


Take Inventory of your Life

Take a close look at your life and the things you have in it. What household items do you actually use on a regular basis, and which are collecting dust? If you have a gym membership or a workout space in your office building and the treadmill in the garage is more of an expensive clothes hanger, it’s time to move it out. From clothes to small kitchen appliances, there are items you use daily, and they will clearly make it into the “keep” pile, but everything else needs to be divvied into a donation, sell, or waste pile.

Sort Your Items

As you go through your each room in your home, make sure each thing clearly fits into one of four categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Trash

Moving into a smaller space means you’ll take less with you, so if something doesn’t immediately make the keep pile, it needs to go. Create a sell pile for a garage sale before your move or take the items by a second hand shop to be purchased. There should also be a pile for donations – GoodWill, community shelter, or place of worship—and for the old, broken, or beyond their years items, it’s time for the trash.

Storage Space First

The attic, storage closets, or basement should be the first places to clear out. These spaces often hold items that we haven’t used – maybe even seen – in years. A good rule is to get rid of anything you haven’t used or worn in the past year. The boxes you’ve been hauling during any move over the years need to be cleared out. Don’t pack something away knowing you’ll never use it in your new home.

Stay Dedicated

Downsizing a home is no small task, so don’t wait until the last minute before your move to lighten your load. Begin weeks in advance, so you can take one room at a time and won’t become overwhelmed with the process. When you’re trying to rush through your items, you may be tempted to discard things you’ll actually need once you make the move. Finish your storage spaces then move to individual rooms in your home. If your move is close enough, you could use this time to begin packing boxes with the things you want to keep.

Take Measurements

If you’re living in a large family home in Austin, TX, measure your new space and then your furniture. Ensure that none of your pieces are too large for the desired room. It may be necessary to eliminate a piece or downsize to smaller pieces so your new home isn’t packed with oversized furniture.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time, be honest when it comes to how often you use or wear something, and if you’re unsure, put it in the donate box. Use this move as a way to cleanse the old from your cabinets and closets and enjoy the downsizing process.

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