25 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

The warmer weather of spring has arrived in the Austin-area. A new season brings the opportunity to refresh your home. How can you bring the season inside? These tips will have your home bright and inviting in no time:25 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

1.     First, declutter!

2.     Store away winter accessories: heavy blankets, dark pillows, etc.

3.     Clean interior windows, mirrors and light fixtures

4.     Dust baseboards, ceiling fans, furniture, etc.

5.     Steam clean carpets, polish hardwoods and sweep/mop tile floors

6.     Deep clean the grout: flooring, bathroom, etc.

7.     Add some fresh flowers

8.     Bring the scent of the season inside by incorporating spring-scented candles or wall plug-ins

9.     Update your bedding to a lighter comforter

10.  Update your throw pillows to bright colors of the season: yellow, pink, green, etc.

11.  Brighten the home by opening the curtains - consider switching your heavier curtains for sheer panels

12.  Rearrange the living room for a fresh look

13.  Add floral accents: throw pillows, a wallpaper accent wall, garden wall art, etc.

14.  Add a basket/bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter – lemons, apples, bananas, etc.

15.  Install a new showerhead

16.  Swap in a new bath mat

17.  Repaint your baseboards

18.  Decorate with living plants – it is said indoor plans can improve people’s moods

19.  Upgrade to a smart thermostat – the upgrade can save you some money over the warm summer months

20.  Hang a wreath on the front door

21.  Set out a new welcome mat

22.  Repaint your front door

23.  Add some window boxes and plant spring flowers

24.  Refresh your patio furniture with a fresh coat of outdoor paint

25.  Brighten up your outdoor living space with some new lighting: lanterns, string lights, etc.

Are you refreshing your home for a spring sale? We can help with that, too. Contact us for details on how to stage your home to sell.

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